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Give us back our Postal Service: Tell Harper-appointed Canada Post CEO to step down

Chopra's contract is Conservative attempt to undermine democratic choice


Appointed by Harper in 2011, Chopra was previously an executive at Pitney Bowes, a mail supply company that is currently actively lobbying for privatization of the US Postal Service. He has appointed other Pitney Bowes colleagues to executive positions at Canada Post.

Privatization, experience tells us, results in higher costs, diminished services, lower pay for workers and degraded work conditions.

As CEO, Chopra has pursued a reckless plan to strip down Canada Post by cutting services to rural communities and eliminating door to door delivery. This, while ignoring proposals to expand services, like postal banking.

Just before the 2015 election, the Conservative Government gave Chopra a five year contract extension worth $2.5 million... starting next year.

While Chopra is still in charge, the following will be impossible:

Harper's attempt to lock in his vision of a privatized Canada Post in his absence was illegitimate and anti-democratic. The new government has asked Chopra and others to step down.

We voted out Harper, and now it's time for Chopra to go.

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Nullify your illegitimate contract extension and give Canada back its postal service.

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Gwen Davies
Nick Smit
Robert Bubar
Scott Neigh
Sidney Tupper
Tim Armstrong
Dave Bleakney
Evert Hoogers

To: Deepak Chopra, Canada Post CEO and Judy Foote, Minister responsible for Canada Post

The cuts and eventual privatization of Canada Post have been rejected by voters. We need leadership change now to ensure that Canada Post can align its operations with the public interest, not private profit.

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