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Dear Postal Workers

While the Liberals consulted, only to reaffirm the status quo, postal workers didn't sit back and wait.

In their latest round of bargaining, they brought forward some positive proposals, including:

  • Reinstating postal banking
  • Investing a green fleet for Canada Post
  • Pay equity and improved working conditions

This is big. Postal workers are bargaining not just for better pay and work conditions, but for a transformation of Canada Post that has the potential to jump-start the green economy and benefit the whole country!

Most Canada Post employees' contracts expired in December and January, which means the time to win new ground in the transformation of Canada is now!

That's why we're sending this letter to every postal worker to express our gratitude and support. Read the letter and sign on!

For more about the Postal Workers' vision for the future of Canada Post, watch this video...

...and visit deliveringcommunitypower.ca

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Dear Postal Workers,

We're writing to you as customers, neighbours and community members. We see the work you're doing to transform Canada Post into a communications and delivery service for the 21st century.

By putting proposals like postal banking, a green fleet and pay equity next to improved working conditions and better pay on the bargaining table, you're fighting for all of us, and for future generations.

As negotiations continue, you have our full support! We'll be here when it's time to help.

In solidarity and friendship,

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