Friends of Public Services believes that publicly-owned programs and services are a cornerstone of healthy communities, and one of the best ways to raise quality of life for everyone while equitably distributing our society’s wealth. 

We got our start in July 2015 fighting the cuts to door-to-door mail delivery, just one example of the austerity agenda that has driven cuts to jobs and privatization of public services. Until it was stopped, by actions taken by thousands of Canadians, it threatened 8,000 good jobs and a cherished service that has innumerable benefits, especially for the most vulnerable Canadians. 

Since then, our work has focused on expanding services at Canada Post and stopping the privatization agenda elsewhere.

We aim to go beyond a defense of existing services, to expand the public’s imagination of how public services can redistribute wealth, improve quality of life across the board, and lay the groundwork for a sustainable economy.

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Board and Staff

Marion Pollack is a retired postal worker and a long time Union and feminist activist. She has held positions at the local, regional and national level in the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. In her retirement she is working to promote women's rights, to support international solidarity, and to protect pensions. She likes public services and uses them daily. 

Evert Hoogers, when not volunteering on a social change project, is maximizing the enjoyment of retirement in Ottawa. He has been a postal worker and union activist. After spending time as a union organizer fresh out of the student movement, Evert was elected president of the Vancouver Local of Canadian Union of Postal Workers and later national representative. Human rights and international solidarity has been a major focus of his work in the labour movement. He has devoted significant time to researching government surveillance activities and advocating for greater citizen access to government information.

In July 2017, FPS became a mostly-volunteer organization, with no full-time staff. Dru Jay is currently serving as coordinator and administrative support person.

Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 215 Villeneuve Est #5, Montreal QC H2T 1L6

About FPS:

Friends of Public Services is a grassroots organization dedicated to the expansion and democratization of public services. We believe in equitable and inclusive public services for all, workplace democracy, and meaningful community participation in decisionmaking. Read more...

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