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The Future is Public

The Future is Public is a conference taking place in 2018 in partnership with a variety of groups. More information to come!

Delivering Community Power

A collaboration with CUPW, CPPA, and the Leap, Delivering Community Community Power is Friends of Public Services' flagship campaign. Find out more at www.deliveringcommunitypower.ca to take action!


Friends of Public Services is keeping an eye on Liberal schemes to privatize public works to benefit wealthy private investors and funds.

Sign our petition: Tell Trudeau: Privatization is a Dead End

Door to door / Postal Service for the 21st century

FPS has been involved in the fight to stop cuts to door to door delivery, and to expand services to create a postal service for the 21st century.

Door to Door: Stop the Conservative Cuts

Canada needs a Postal Service for the 21st Century 

Past activities

During the 2015 election, we carried out a coast-to-coast campaign to hold the Conservative government responsible for cuts to door to door delivery.

2015 election brochure: Conservative Cuts or Door to Door

About FPS:

Friends of Public Services is a grassroots organization dedicated to the expansion and democratization of public services. We believe in equitable and inclusive public services for all, workplace democracy, and meaningful community participation in decisionmaking. Read more...

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