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Five Signs Canada Post is Rushing the Installation of Self-Serve Mailboxes

New boxes: not so super

Canada Post's Conservative-mandated decision to replace door-to-door mail delivery has been deeply unpopular. Over 500 municipalities have condemned the decision, and hundreds of thousands of Canada Post customers have called for a stop to the Conservatives' cuts!

The NDP and Greens have promised to reverse the cuts, and the Liberals have said they'll stop additional cuts and study the situation. 

In the months leading up to the election, Canada Post's Conservative-nominated board appears to be rushing to get as many boxes as possible installed. Here are five signs they might be rushing just a little too much, and could have put a little more thought into what they're doing.


5. This Hamilton, ON resident had his sprinkler system busted when Canada Post dug a hole for a new mailbox without consulting him:



4. The area directly in front of this mailbox in Milton, ON doubles as a pond when it rains:



3. Living in a basement apartment doesn't afford a great view, but this resident of Joliette, QC got more than they bargained for:



2. This graveyard in London, ON will be getting a lot more daily visitors:




1. And these Montreal west islanders have mailboxes that are so tiny...


...that they use barbecue tongs to retrieve their mail.



Want help us reverse these careless cuts and the Conservative privatization agenda that is driving them?

Visit our action page to sign the petition to stop the cuts and get involved!

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