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Door to Door: Stop the Conservative Cuts

Consolidated Mailbox: Crime is a problem
Consolidated Mailbox: Crime is a problem
Consolidated Mailbox: Crime is a problem

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has appointed executives at Canada Post who have made deep cuts, eliminating door to door mail delivery in many communities. Many believe it is a prelude to privatization.

The good news is that Canadians are the owners of Canada Post, a profitable Crown Corporation that provides essential services to all of us. We can stop the cuts.

The elderly and people with mobility issues are the most affected. Slipping is one of the major causes of injury during Canada’s long winter, and these injuries strain the health care system.

The cuts, if not reversed, will cost 8,000 good jobs. The loss will be a blow to local economies, and drive increased competition in a recession job market.

The new consolidated mailboxes have been targeted thousands of times by criminals stealing cheques, packages or identities.

Canada Post's reckless approach has raised concerns about dangerous placement of boxes in high traffic areas.

One man now has to travel 15 kilometres to pick up his mail.

With an increase in litter, traffic and crime right outside their doors, people in communities across Canada are speaking up!

To top it off, there is no good reason for the cuts. In 2014, Canada Post recorded a $200 million dollar profit.

Canadians are the proud owners of this a success story that could and should be expanded through innovations like postal banking. 

Postal workers do more than deliver the mail in our communities. They help lost children get home, report break ins, and find stray pets. They are often the ones who call first responders in an emergency. For people who rarely leave their homes, they are a welcome source of human contact.   

Public services are the backbone of healthy and strong communities, providing jobs that support local economies and enhance our quality of life.

It’s time to stop the top-down thinking and make our leaders listen to what the people – the owners of Canada Post – are saying:

Reverse the cuts!

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To: Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and other party leaders: 

A profitable Canada Post should be finding new ways to expand services, not recklessly cutting them. We call for immediate action to reverse the cuts to door to door delivery.

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