Help the Conservatives Defeat Themselves in Swing Ridings

Right now, hundreds of thousands of people are losing, or have recently lost, their door-to-door mail delivery.

Conservatives cuts to Canada Post have generated a major public outcry. Hundreds of thousands have signed petitions. Almost 600 municipalities have condemned the cuts. 

But most people who are angry about it don't know the Conservatives are responsible.

Our Plan: Connect Cuts to Conservatives

pamphlet.pngHundreds of volunteers and highly-motivated postal workers in swing ridings are ready to go door-to-door to talk to people about the cuts to door-to-door. We've got a pamphlet that connects the cuts to the Conservatives and undercuts the logic of privatization that is driving them.

Now we just need to print them.

It costs about seven cents to print one of these full-colour, four-page pamphlets. For $3, you can help us get almost 50 more pamphlets into the hands of voters in ridings that could decide the outcome of this election.

UPDATE: We've printed 105,000 brochures and sent them across the country, and donations from this page helped pay for 10,000 additional flyers. Our stretch goal of $1500 will help with distribution making sure they get into voters' hands.

Effective and Strategic

The Conservatives won their 2011 majority by a total of 6,201 votes in 14 ridings. In close ridings, every vote counts.

For the elderly and those with limited mobility, cuts to door-to-door harm their quality of life in a way that they experience every day.

And the way it's being done often feels a poorly thought-out slap in the face. Poorly planned outdoor mailboxes have been plagued with poor planning. There's the guy who has to drive 15km to get his mail. There's the giant puddle, the sprinklers, the torn-up municipal park, and the mailboxes so tiny you have to use barbecue tongs to retrieve a letter.

The sentiment the cuts have generated is powerful. We've seen many lawns with signs supporting Conservative candidates next to "Save Canada Post" signs. When these folks find out the truth, they usually remove the Conservative sign.

Can you give $3 today to help stop the Conservatives in swing ridings across Canada?

To donate by cheque, send your contribution to:

Friends of Public Services
301-1410 RUE WOLFE

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