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Friends of Public Services is a grassroots network making the most of scarce resources. With your donation, we will:

  • Mobilize people to restore and expand public services
  • Inform more people about the benefits of strong and expanded public services
  • Build an organization that can challenge the austerity agenda and put work effectively for an economy that guarantees a high quality of life for everyone

We're building an alliance of communities, workers, environmentalists and First Nations around a vision of expanded public services. Every donation contributes to that work!

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Dru Jay
Brian Percival
Peter Kerr
Gordon Doctorow
Eleanor Grant
marjorie harrison
Nicole Welsh
Steve Abbott
Judi Richards
Jean-Claude Parrot
Johanne Lalonde
Irene Breckon
Evert Hoogers
Ester Jeronimo
Nicole Welsh
Luke Moir
Graham Lodge
Sherri Maunsell
Mike Frevola
Edward Lafleur
Karen Ocana
Katherine Maas
Yann Martel
Otto Wevers
Kevin Kehler
Margaret Rossiter
Gordon Grahame
Hassan Saba
Gwen Davies

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