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Anti-privatization campaign seeks Trudeau ouster in Papineau

A grassroots campaign to oust Trudeau in his riding of Papineau has attracted over 30 volunteers, distributed thousands of flyers, and put up hundreds of posters -- despite getting started with 12 days left in the campaign. The ad hoc group seeks to hold Trudeau accountable for his stance on public-private partnerships (P3s), which have cost taxpayers billions in cost overruns and wasted resources.

trudeau-flyer.png"Public-private partnerships are effectively giveaways to corporations," said Dru Jay, one of the campaign's coordinators and a director with Friends of Public Services. "Trudeau knew that P3s have a record of needlessly padding corporate profit margins with billions of taxpayer dollars when he gave them his full endorsement."

According to Canadian Business Journal, Trudeau made it "abundantly clear that he is a big proponent of the public-private partnership model" when he gave a November 2014 keynote address at the annual Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships National Conference in Toronto.

The posters have attracted keen attention from Trudeau's campaign staffers. Posters asking Papineau voters to "stop Trudeau's privatization agenda" are often removed within hours, while other posters remain for weeks. In a video recorded last weekend, a well-dressed woman who refused to identify herself was shown cutting down posters minutes after volunteers put them up.

"We don't have the time or resources to start a campaign about the Trudeau campaign's commitment to democratic debate and freedom of expression," added Jay. "After his cynical support for Bill C-51, questions need to be raised."

The campaign will do a final push to inform Papineau residents about Trudeau's privatization agenda on Sunday.

"Unseating any leader is a tall order, but we need to hold Trudeau accountable for actions that are cynical and run counter to the public interest," said Jay.

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