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Evert Hoogers, when not volunteering on a social change project, is maximizing the enjoyment of retirement in Ottawa. He has been a postal worker and union activist. After spending time as a union organizer fresh out of the student movement, Evert was elected president of the Vancouver Local of Canadian Union of Postal Workers and later national representative. Human rights and international solidarity has been a major focus of his work in the labour movement. He has devoted significant time to researching government surveillance activities and advocating for greater citizen access to government information.

Judy Duncan is the head organizer at ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) Canada, which she founded in 2004. ACORN has over 70,000 members from low- and middle-income households. The organization has successfully campaigned for increases to the minimum wage, payday loan legislation, and countless improvements to neighbourhoods and living conditions. 

Marion Pollack is a retired postal worker and a long time Union and feminist activist. She has held positions at the local, regional and national level in the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. In her retirement she is working to promote women's rights, to support international solidarity, and to protect pensions. She likes public services and uses them daily. 

Michael Goodman is a long-time Vancouver-based social justice activist. He founded Smart Change in 2008 for the purpose of addressing deeply entrenched systemic blocks to transformative social and environmental change. Previously, Michael headed up a successful advertising and public relations firm, Essential Idea Ltd, which was set up to support the NDP Government and labour movements. Essential worked for many of the world largest multinationals. He has taught at Simon Fraser University, worked for the CBC and the NFB, and has worked on scores of commercials and documentaries.


Dru Oja Jay is a Montreal-based writer, editor and organizer. He is a co-founder of the Media Co-op network, the founding editor of its flagship publication the Dominion, and served as a board member from 2008 to 2015. He is author, with Nikolas Barry-Shaw, of Paved with Good Intentions: Canada's development NGOs from idealism to imperialism. He has written for numerous publications, and has organized in grassroots groups acting in solidarity with Indigenous communities, Haitian social movements, and communities living downstream from the tar sands.

Wendy Goldsmith is a London-based social worker, community organizer and activist.  She is a founding member of Londoners for Door to Door and is also on the Steering Committee of  the International Flotilla Campaign to end the blockade of Gaza.  She engages with  local issues such as the development of community coalitions, advocacy for murdered and missing Indigenous women, support for child and adult survivors of physical and sexual abuse, affordable housing and other issues related to inequality.  Wendy's greatest accomplishment to date is being a mother of three wonderful children.  For them, and for the generations to come, she carries on.  

About FPS:

Friends of Public Services is a grassroots organization dedicated to the expansion and democratization of public services. We believe in equitable and inclusive public services for all, workplace democracy, and meaningful community participation in decisionmaking. Read more...

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